I Am Fire

Character Poem #1: Haveri Rakmor
(From Chronicles of a Hypermutant)

I am the red burning through the green,
Making the air thick and unclean.
You crave for air that’s pure,
But you choke
On nothing more
than fire and smoke.

As I fight for will—
Fight for me,
As I fight for you—
The fire cocoons me,
Whispers in my ear
Everything I want to hear . . .

They say everything will be okay;
All I have to do
Is give in,
Give up,
Stop fighting.
Only then
Will our pain cease.

Fire escapes my clutch,
Burns everything it can touch.
Thin fingers of flame
Seize you,
Devour you,
As they’ve devoured me.
And together we unleash
Our last drowned out scream.