The Hunger Within

Character Poem #2: Kyan Matthews
(From The Craving

Unable to fight the hunger,
He sets off to wander,
In search of hope,
To make the voices stop.
His only answer:
The house of prayer.
His knees hit the floor—
He prays for strength, for a cure.
Rising to his feet, he tries once more.

He makes it to the box of sin,
Waits for the pain to cease,
For the priest to cleanse him,
And his soul of disease.

“In the name of the Father,”
The one who’s forsaken him—
“The Son,”
Who lost hope on him—
“And the Holy Spirit,”
Left him faithless.

“Forgive me, Father,”
he whispers, afraid his words will light him aflame,
“. . . for I have sinned.”
And he has no one else to blame.

“I have killed . . .”
The taste of blood still lingers.
“Two people, almost three.”
And the blood could have been hers.
“And I’m afraid I can’t stop . . .”
His innocence now cinders.
“This hunger inside me . . .”
He grips the wood so hard it splinters.

Blackness. Heartbeat. Red.
The voices will not stop screaming in his head.
A punch to his chest, a moment of clarity awakened by dread.
The priest’s neck inches from being bled,
His eyes swimming in prayers unheard,
For the demon within craves bloodshed