The voices in his head crave only one thing:


Kyan remembers nothing from before he ran out of the woods with a voice screeching in his head. It’s not long before he starts blacking out, waking up covered in other people’s blood. With the death toll rising, he knows the only way to put a stop to his new monstrous nature is to go back to the scientists who turned him.

But these people are their own breed of monster. They experiment on people of all ages . . . children, teens, the elderly . . . with a success rate of less than 10%.

To put a stop to them, he may have to team up with his fellow victims (and bloodthirsty fiends) and risk adding to the body count. Just like the screams in his head keep demanding him to.

[TRIGGER WARNINGS include but are not limited to: blood, violence, depression, self-harm, and reference to drug use.]

The Chapters